Lakeview Retreat operates on a "You Cook" basis. That is, all groups are responsible for their own meals. Although groups may use our fully equipped commercial kitchens, they must bring their own food and staff with which to prepare their meals. We will provide training in use of all the equipment. Group size will determine location and buildings used.

Groups of 10-20 will use cabins 9 & 10 (10 has a kitchen).
Groups of 20-40 will use the lodge and possible cabin 8 (lodge has a kitchen).
Groups of 40-50 will use the lodge and cabins 9-10 (this option limited to availability of cabins 9-10)
Groups of 50-100 will use the dining hall for meals and cabins necessary to accommadate your group. Additionally, you will have the option of meeting in the dining hall or using the chapel.
Groups of 80 or more may use all buildings on site, provided there are not already small groups scheduled.

Accommodations are $25.00 per person, per night. Groups that come Saturday mornings and leave Sunday afternoons are $35 per person (in that it keeps the camp from utilizing Friday nights). Children under 5 may stay free with parents during church family camps.

Daytime rates are available. Please call (253-838-1292)
Sales Tax is in addition to quoted rates
We reserve the right to change prices without notice.